Francis McGrath.

Francis is a Wellness Innovator with over 20 years experience in the fields of community development and health.  As CEO of, his primary aim is to make Illness, disease and medicine irrelevant to your life.  He achieves this through a combination of humour (after all, laughter is the best medicine) and an in-depth knowledge of the causes of illness and disease.

Francis firmly believes that if you “struggle to manage your health”, you simply empower illness, so he creatively teaches you to turn away from illness to a life of pleasure, happiness and joy.

Francis has a developed a high level of skill in breaking down complicated health issues into simple, doable steps. His experience in training has taught him the art of communicating with and inspiring an audience.  His approach teaches people to remove their vision from what they do not want in their lives and focus it on the desired results and assists them to achieve those results.

After studying in the areas of business marketing, Community development, nutritional medicine and nursing, Francis settled into public health as a preferred area specialising in Community nutrition and nutritional epidemiology.  A confirmed bookworm he loves nothing better than trawling through the latest biomedical and health research to bring you an up-to-date and informative course in having a wonderful life.

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